Changes for the Championship

aaalogo.jpgThe International League and the Bisons will bring fans a special announcement regarding the future of the Triple-A National Championship Game on on Tuesday afternoon.

The Triple-A Baseball National Championship is a one-game, winner-take-all showdown between the champions of the International League and the Pacific Coast League. Following a six year hiatus from a championship, the two leagues have met each fall since 2006 in Oklahoma City, OK for a decisive game.

In 1998 the Bisons participated in the best-of-five Triple-A World Series in Las Vegas, NV. The Herd was bested by New Orleans 3-1 in the series. Since 1909, Buffalo has been part of nine Triple-A Championship events.

In 2010, Triple-A Baseball drew over 14 million fans. That popularity spans the entire United States, from Pawtucket, RI to Sacramento, CA. Amazing new ballparks are taking the excitement to new levels. Since 2009, ballparks in Columbus, Gwinnett, Omaha, Reno, and Tacoma have joined the list of 27 new or totally renovated facilities that have opened in Triple-A Baseball since 1990.

AT A GLANCE: The landscape of Triple-A Baseball

Triple-A Baseball consists of two Leagues at Minor League Baseball’s highest classification. The most senior league, the International, is set to play its 128th consecutive season, which will also mark the 108th season for the IL’s counterpart, the Pacific Coast League.

The championship is one of two marquee events for baseball’s highest developmental level. For the past 23 summers, the Triple-A Baseball All-Star Game has showcased tomorrow’s Major League Stars in a mid-summer classic on the day following the Major League All-Star Game. Salt Lake City, Utah will play host to the 2011 Triple-A All-Star Game, scheduled for July 13.

Buffalo will host the 25th anniversary July 11, 2012, a quarter-century after hosting the inaugural event.

~ Ben Wagner / Buffalo Bisons

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