Traffic is good

2086641_23234fb0f8.jpgThe annual Bisons Hot Stove is just days away with the return of Terry Collins, the New York Mets manager, serving as the keynote. While the preparations continue for a great event downtown (details below) we wanted to pass along a HUGE ‘thank you’ to our visitors, new and frequent.

“We salute those who have built dedicated audiences,” MLBlogosphere posted. “Each month we highlight the bloggers who have attracted the most pageviews, and just like the past two years, we’ve done year-end Leaders as well. Congratulations to all the 2010 Leaders!”

For the third straight year the Buffalo Bisons blog finished among MLBlogs best. Herd readers positioned the blog seventh most popular among all International League based trackers, twelfth for blogs dedicated to a minor league team and tabbed in 71st overall for professional clubs.

MLBlogs tracks blogs orchestrated by fans, MLB Pro (like ‘The Dish’) and beat writers blogs who follow MLB clubs.

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