Coca-Cola Field project: new drainage system

PART VIII (updated 11/9)

PART VII (updated 11/1)

PART VI (10/20)

PART V (10/6)





Replaced with a state-of-the-art, vertically drained, sand-based playing field commensurate with those found at the highest levels of professional baseball.

Since the ballpark’s opening, the Bisons have invested over $20 million in various improvements. Coca-Cola Field is currently the oldest ballpark in the International League.

The Bisons have engaged Sports Construction Group of Brecksville, OH for the job.

The Bisons have also worked hand-in-hand with Populous (former H.O.K. Design, the architects of Coca-Cola Field) in the design of the new drainage system.
Digging has already begun for the project that should take close to two months to complete. SCG will dig at least 18 inches below grass level and haul out over 600 truckloads of dirt before installing the new drainage system.

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