Bisons visit Louisville Slugger Bat Co.

A handful of Bisons players took a behind the scenes tour of the Louisville Slugger Bat Company Tuesday morning. Everything happens in downtown when it comes to taking the raw lumber to final coat of paint or lacquer before the bats are shipped to the ballpark.

Here’s a list to help explain the pictures below:
1. Every MLB club is stamped on the player’s bat. If it’s in a Big League bat rack, it passed through this station in production.

2. Here are all the club stamps ‘flipped’ so you can read them easier.

3. Russ Adams scans for some bats to use in batting practice.

4. Off the lathe before sanding or treatment, the bats still have the knobs on each end.

5. Ike Davis has an order just about ready for the game in just a few days.

6. One of the very first scales that LS Bat Co. used to weigh bats.

7. Jack Voigt signed with LS in 1993 and his signature is one of thousands on the wall entering the Bat Co. Members of the Hall of Fame have a special section dedicated for just their bat stamps.








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