Back being mama's boy

050609_timredding.jpgThe goal for every Major League rehab assignment is to get the player healthy and ready to compete at full strength in a timely fashion. Players on the track back to the big leagues want as little time in the minors a possible.

For Tim Redding, his rehab assignment may be one start or it could be a couple. Either way is ok with the Rochester native since it includes the comforts of home.

“I’m actually living with my mom,” Redding said before the Bisons were rained out Tuesday night. “I’d rather have home cooking than eating out all the time.”

Who wouldn’t?

The 31-year old said the 55 minute drive one way twice a day becomes a grind but it’s much better than being cooped up in a hotel.

The closest to home any professional appearance had previously placed him was May 10, 2007 in Buffalo. Working out of the bullpen, he snagged the winning decision agianst the Bisons.

Prior to being recalled by the Nationals that year the only shot he had to throw actually in Rochester came in 2006. But mother nature stepped in on the final game of the series. The tilt was canceled because of rain and he never got to throw in his hometown.

“In a way I’m hoping for a second start so I can see family,” Redding said. “My wife and kids may drive over from Michigan for the weekend series so we can all be together.”

Since Tuesday’s start was bumped back a day also moves a potential second start to Monday – not Sunday, Mother’s Day.

LISTEN: Tim talks about getting healthy and living at home

~ Ben Wagner

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