From Tires to Taxidermy

PS33_Marshall.jpgBefore getting downtown today, I went to visit with the students at Buffalo School 33 during their fourth annual Career Fair. Marshall, shown in the picture with me is a huge Bisons fan and welcomed me to the event.

The students arrived with great questions and a thirst for knowledge from everyone they spoke to this morning. Among the more credentialed presenters included servicemen, doctors and lawyers. Oh yeah, and the guy that watches baseball games for a living.

I had my own education from a few tables too. I saw how tires are made and got the closest to a skunk I have ever been, without a dose of “Prairie Perfume!”

The Herd return downtown tonight and a few students gave me questions to ask Bisons Manager Ken Oberkfell in our pregame conversation. Coverage starts at 5:35 p.m.

Excellent job by the students and staff to organize, execute an event in great detail and with TONS of enthusiasm.

~ Ben Wagner

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Ben Wagner should come to BPS #33 again with maybe Mr. Bisbing. GO HERD!

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