Off day? No such thing

Sunrise.jpgThe Mets may have an off day scheduled, but unfortunately there’s been little rest for anyone that is in camp. The Bisons staff was already at Traditions Field as the sun started to rise this morning with many minor league players following shortly after.

No matter if you’re fighting for a spot in Buffalo or in “A” ball you’re not going to get much rest in spring training.

Players in minor league camp have been arriving at the complex by 7 a.m. for treatment and starting team meetings. They can cover anything from team philosophy to nutritional advice. After breaking out of class, players split up for work based on position for drills and then towards the end of the day, take batting practice, workout and see the trainer if need be.

From 7 a.m. to nearly 6 p.m. over the course of the day – meetings, hours in the sun and lots of hard work to get ready for a season that hardly lets you take a breath. No one said this game was designed to be easy, just ask the hundreds of players in Port St. Lucie.

~ Ben Wagner

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