Be Aggressive, B-E Aggressive!

When he visited Buffalo in December, Bisons skipper Ken Oberkfell promised an aggressive brand of baseball. He credited that managerial style to his leader when he was a player with the Cardinals, Whitey Herzog.

Thought I’d share some interesting numbers that prove Oberkfell and Herzog’s style.

The 1982 World Series Championship Cardinals were 92-70, despite hitting just 67 home runs in 162 games. That total was 14 fewer than any other team and only 28 more than Reggie Jackson’s baseball-best 39.

However, the Cards led the National League in triples (52), stolen bases (200) and times caught stealing (91). Even Oberkfell had 11 stolen bases…but in 20 attempts.

“With Whitey in St. Louis, we were always run, run, run,” said Oberkfell. “If you’re aggressive, you’re putting pressure on the other team and they might make mistakes. You are going to make mistakes too, but that’s part of the learning process.

It will be a change for Bisons fans…Buffalo was last in the IL last season with only 59 stolen bases. No Herd player finished the season with 10 steals.

Get ready for some aggressive baseball!

-Brad Bisbing

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Great guy to emulate. Welcome to the Mets Blogosphere, I must have missed you, sorry! Can’t wait for when Buffalo comes to Durham because thats the closest the Mets will get to Raliegh!

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