Independence Eve is 'hear'

Looking back at last season (my first year with the team), one single even stands out versus any other. July 3.

A bevy of emotion surrounds you the entire night once the gates are open and a sea of people find there seats and stay in constant motion the entire night. Like most ballparks, the energy is created from the fans but you’d be hard pressed to find more than a handful that remember a single moment of game action. If you ask the majority at the yard that night, “who made the final play?” They’d reply, “The BPO.”

Each July 3 the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra provides a rousing tribute to the events that affect (and effect) our lives over the past year and remind us of the events in history that have helped shape our country. While recognizing them is important, the time that is dedicated to honor our service men and women is a moment in every Independence Eve celebration that raises the hair on the back of your neck. This year will be no exception.

Read more about the 2008 tribute here.

This season will also be a landmark of sorts with the overall attendance from this single event surpassing QUARTER OF A MILLION FANS! Remarkable.

A majority of our pre-game coverage will give you a tiny preview of the show ahead and in case you didn’t act quickly enough to get tickets, the show will be LIVE on Time Warner Cable SportsNet.

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