Rise and Shine

Once again a near capacity crowd gathered in the warm weather to enjoy the annual Kids Day at Dunn Tire Park. This annual event was a sea of constant commotion as nearly 300 hundred buses poured thousands of students into the game.

They sat, they cheered, ingested a few dogs then section by section they stood and filed out the gates. Funny watching each color coded section of kids rise and retreat when there chaperone instructed.

The running joke for days like today in the biz… “Thousands saw the game without even knowing the final score.” I beg to differ… the masses erupted both times the Bisons drove runs home early in the game. It was clear later when the Bisons turned a few double plays or rallies were snuffed out by the Clippers the majority of the nearly 16,000 watching the game was intent on the outcome.

For the Bisons, the end wasn’t as good as the start. But after a day like today when you saw nothing but smiling faces it reminds you how young kids become fans of the game.

Kids do the simple things that make the game the great. They come, they cheer and they go home. That kind of innocent enthusiasm can only be found nowadays in the game of baseball.

Thanks to our young Bisons fans for a fantastic atmosphere. The sun was out and the ballpark was alive again.

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