Singles night

Sometimes the little things hurt the worst, swinging bunts, dribblers up the line and consecutive slap shots that fall for base hits. How’s it go? Oh yeah, “Hit it where they ain’t.” That seems to be the best way teams have found to defeat the Bisons this season.

Over the first six games of the 58 hits surrendered only 11 have been extra base hits. The good news is the team is not beating itself. The pitching staff has issued the second fewest walks in the league, but yes, errors have hurt. Now, the most in the league at 11 but I shift blame to the misery Mother Nature has moved south. But there’s hope, the Bisons will welcome temperatures near 80 on Thursday making for a 40 degree rise in mercury from the time the Bisons arrived in Virginia.

And with the warmer weather approaching you can expect the club to heat up as well. Outfielder Brad Snyder told us in the post game Tuesday, “We’re going to win a lot of games this year… we’re going to get it going, our bats are going to take over, the pitching is solid and I’m sure it’s not long before were running on all cylinders.”

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