Walking off…

During my first year with the Bisons there were some tough outings for the team and some individuals. One player following a game that ended in a walk-off win for the PawSox told me something like, “sorry you had to call one that ended like that.” I was too. I still am.

Those types of endings are exciting for a broadcaster but can wear on a team. Now, for the third time this season we’ve seen a team celebrate around home plate snatching a late win. The first victory happened in the season’s opening series when Mike Constanzo slapped a base hit in Norfolk with the bags packed, the second came on Monday with Jeff Bailey sliding underneath the catcher in Pawtucket and the latest from the bat of Brett Gardner of the SWB Yankees, over the right field wall.

Baseball clubhouses should be more fun following games not desolate with the only sounds from bags being packed, Baseball Tonight blaring out of a TV and the clubbie running a vacuum. There should be laughter, the music genre of the day from a stereo and an overall light mood from the elite within those walls.

It will be fun again, in fact as early as the next day. That’s baseball. Men conditioned to step out the stadium door forget the troubles from the field of play and return the next day with a new focus of success.

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