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BISONS NEWS BEAT:  This just in… I’ve learned the highlight video from the Family Fun Open House is online for your viewing pleasure. 

Packing can be summed up in with three letters… ugh.  I never get used to it and we’ve moved enough the US Post Office has a flash card of all our forwarding addresses.  My wife and I have gone into overdrive packing as we get ready to move next weekend.

As we move closer to Opening Day, I’ve gotten questions like, “who cares when you’re packing, when are the Bisons unpacking?”  A little harsh but I’ll answer the question. 

The Bisons will break camp and arrive in Buffalo Monday and have preseason workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday.  There will be plenty of unpacking just to repack and travel to Norfolk to open the season.  Trust me, between the blog and Team, you’ll know just about every move the team makes once they’re in town. 

Taking your questions is something Duke and I enjoy doing during every broadcast.  Moving ahead we’ll handle your questions in two ways. 

  • Uno: We’ll compile all the questions you send in and answer them each week in our Saturday Mailblog session. 
  • Dos:  Throughout every broadcast we have Q&A sessions.  We check the broadcast booth inbox throughout the entire game.

You can send us an email or txt me:  Make sure you include your name and hometown when you send us a note so we can thank you for your effort.  It’s just easier to thank “Mr. Shaw” versus “SweetSammy @” – trust me! 

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