You blog, so what?

A few questions have trickled in about the blog and its future use during the season.  Here are a couple of reasons you will be able to utilize “The Dish” once the seasons gets rolling.

  • An information source  I know this can have broad strokes but when the season begins you can look here for posts before you head to Dunn Tire Park or tune into the broadcast.  I’ll be able to expand on some of the team releases and information that is covered extensively on  Following the game I’ll give you some insight or relay the thoughts of my partner, Duke McGuire, without giving you the entire recap that’s already provided.  We’ve already given some great information concerning the roster moves and ballpark events.
  • Fun facts  Over the course of the season there will be plenty that we can share on this subject that may not directly relate to game we broadcast.  Maybe an interesting topic that develops from a conversation I have with one of the players at lunch…  The random updates I foresee happening in the wee hours of the morning in various airports… Some info about the cities we visit over the year. For instance, last year Miley Cyrus appeared in Scranton or when the fans go ‘fishing’ for autographs in Pawtucket… The feeling I had standing in front of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra practice session before the game on July 3 (I don’t think I can accurately describe that moment with the written word). This portion of the blog is what I’m looking forward to writing about the most. 

I hope this helps answer some of your questions, keep them coming and thanks for the positive feedback already.  If you have questions about the up and coming season or want to suggest future topics for me to cover on ‘The Dish‘, feel free to send me an email by clicking here. Now, go fill out your brackets!

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