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I’m sitting here patiently waiting for Illinois and Purdue to finish their overtime game because Indiana plays Minnesota next.   I really don’t care who wins so we’ll update the blog. 

Saturday is the annual Family Day Open House and little by little the ballpark is starting to look ready for Opening Day.  In the last couple of days there has been a different pace in the Front Office.  Shipments are arriving at the dock at the back of the park, ticket windows are being wiped crystal clear at the front and from top to bottom the park is getting organized.  While many of the areas considered ‘behind the scenes’ are functional for fans and the team if they arrived today some are not.  I’ll talk more about ballpark preparation closer to Opening Day but for now I’ll focus on my Open House top picks. 

  • Clubhouse: The home away for home for the Bisons players during the season and a rare opportunity for you to take a peek at Torey Lovello’s office among the other things that make this one of the most comfortable clubhouses in baseball.
  • Batting Cages: On the lower level just outside the Bisons Clubhouse are two full length batting cages.  This past year they’ve been used A LOT by high school kids and various camps.  Here’s your chance to step in and take a few hacks.
  • Press Box: One of the best views to look at the park no matter what time of year.  A large collection of Bisons memorabilia will be laid out on press row and you’ll have a chance to see the main production rooms that produce all the sounds you hear while you’re at the game.   I tested the radio equipment earlier in the week and left everything set up so you can see how it looks for the broadcast.  If the team was in town, all Duke and I would have to do is sit down and bring you the game. 
  • Ticket Windows:  Why is this so cool?  Because when you hear the words, “next in line please,” you’re just minutes away from holding your tickets to another great night out with your friends or the family. 

In case you were wondering, Illinois advances in the Big Ten Tournament after Purdue shoots 0-10 in the extra period, finally time to watch the Hoosiers.

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