Enjoying St. Lucie, Wright?

WrightWBC.JPGNo word when Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltan are scheduled to return to camp after David Wright‘s game winning single for Team USA sent Puerto Rico packing last night.

“I’m going to tell them to enjoy St. Lucie,” Wright said with a first-to-third smile. “The whole game we were kind of ribbing each other back and forth and it was good to be able to come out on top. That was a lot of fun.” – NY Post

That aside, I’ve enjoyed St. Lucie but I’m looking at it much differently than Delgado and Beltran must be. While Brad Bisbing and I have been pounding the keyboard over the past few days in Florida, I have also been corralling interviews with various scribes, scouts and baseball folk.

I took the liberty to break some of the conversations down and give you the meat and potatoes:
VP/AGM – Tony Bernazard CLICK HERE!
Buffalo Pitching Coach – Ricky Bones CLICK HERE!

As you will hear from Bernazard and Bones, there are a number of jobs up for grabs on the Mets roster and with an incredible amount of pressure in the clubhouse leading into this season and success ultimately equaling post season play, it’s nice to live in the present.

“I never thought we’d be dogpiling in March,” Wright said. “It was pretty special and something I’ll always remember. Every hitter in that dugout wants to be up in that situation. When you play in your backyard as a kid, that’s the situation going through your mind.” – NY Daily News

~ Ben Wagner

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The game last night was great! Watching the game tonight – a lot of ran and not many runs yet for USA. Bummer.


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